Good news, everybody! Consistent hashing was the last remaining feature on my roadmap for 1.6.0. Release checklist:

  • Fork the fiveruns repository to an mperham repository to make it clear this is my project, not FiveRuns. This will be the official source location for 1.6.0+. Done
  • Pull in 37 Signals’ socket timeout fixes, which should fix the rare issues we were seeing in production. Done
  • Create a 1.6.0 release candidate for testing purposes. gem install mperham-memcache-client -s Done
  • Run 1.6.0 in production for a week. If all goes well, publish it to RubyForge as memcache-client 1.6.0.

We’ll be testing the 1.6.0 release at FiveRuns but feedback is always welcome, especially if you are running Ruby 1.9. Let me know if you have any problems.