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One email I get fairly regularly is “Why would I use memcache-client when the performance sucks?” Most people point me to Evan Weaver’s BENCHMARKS file in his memcached library as proof that I should just close up shop.

His benchmarks, like all performance tests, are a snapshot in time – they reflect a certain revision of the codebase. Specifically I assume his benchmarks reflect memcache-client 1.5.0. This version is about 18 months old and ships with Rails 2.x. Since 1.5.0, I’ve taken over the project and done a lot of tuning. Here’s some numbers:

Testing 1.6.4
                                     user     system      total        real
set:plain:memcache-client        0.740000   0.270000   1.010000 (  2.123806)
set:ruby:memcache-client         0.800000   0.270000   1.070000 (  2.215323)
get:plain:memcache-client        0.920000   0.270000   1.190000 (  2.270049)
get:ruby:memcache-client         1.000000   0.260000   1.260000 (  2.473615)
multiget:ruby:memcache-client    0.600000   0.090000   0.690000 (  1.055913)
missing:ruby:memcache-client     0.710000   0.260000   0.970000 (  2.069232)
mixed:ruby:memcache-client       1.800000   0.540000   2.340000 (  4.637675)

Testing 1.5.0 (as shipped in Rails 2.2.2)
                                     user     system      total        real
set:plain:memcache-client       28.450000   0.400000  28.850000 ( 30.025903)
set:ruby:memcache-client        29.180000   0.420000  29.600000 ( 30.803760)
get:plain:memcache-client       28.640000   0.410000  29.050000 ( 30.201306)
get:ruby:memcache-client        29.350000   0.430000  29.780000 ( 30.942459)
multiget:ruby:memcache-client   30.750000   0.250000  31.000000 ( 31.462482)
missing:ruby:memcache-client    28.470000   0.410000  28.880000 ( 30.046172)
mixed:ruby:memcache-client      58.590000   0.840000  59.430000 ( 61.951933)

You can see the exact benchmark code in memcache-client/test/test_benchmark.rb. It’s basically just a direct copy of Evan’s benchmarks, modified to run as part of the test suite. This is running in Ruby 1.8.6 p114 on a 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo. The numbers for Ruby 1.9.1 are approx 20% faster.

The latest numbers are not orders of magnitude slower but rather merely some percentage off. So while Evan’s numbers are correct for an old version of memcache-client, they do not represent the current state of the project. It’s my belief that memcache-client 1.6.x has perfectly acceptable performance and in return, you get a mostly pure Ruby codebase that works on JRuby, Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9. I hope this clears up any confusion; let me know if you have further questions!

4 thoughts on “Memcache-client Performance”

  1. I could not get the memcached gem to install on OSX. The instructions in the README simply don’t work.

    It doesn’t matter how fast something is if it doesn’t install.

  2. In addition to the absolute performance, another interesting comparison is how much faster it is to fetch data from memcached vs fetching the objects from an underlying database.

    On one of my apps, the pure-ruby memcached library was no faster than storing and fetching objects directly ton an from a postgres database.

    OTOH, the native memcached client produced factor-of-3 improvements in the speed of the slowest html pages.

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