The 12 Gems of Christmas

For the holiday season this year, I thought it would be nice to look around the Rubygems ecosystem and see if I could find some new highlights or old, under-appreciated gems to highlight in a series of blog posts I’m calling The 12 Gems of Christmas. There will be no Lords a-leapin’ or Partridges in any Pear Trees but there will be lots of useful Ruby code for you to explore.

I’ll be posting one gem per day for the next 12 days, starting with #12 tomorrow and counting down to #1. Tomorrow we’ll learn about a useful gem for storing trees… in your database! Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this blog to get each day’s post!

4 thoughts on “The 12 Gems of Christmas”

  1. Would be great to either tag all of the “12 Gems” with the same tag or add links to all of them from this article (now that they are written) to give folks a good way to share them all with one link.

    mail_view and lograge were both new to me, and can’t wait to get them integrated into my current projects.

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