Bill Gates

Some back of the envelope numbers I was pondering this morning:

40 hours / week * 50 weeks / year = 2000 hr / yr

Bill Gates is worth about $66 billion. He’s worked for about 33 years now.

66 billion / 33 years = $2 billion/year / 2000 = $1 million / hour.

Bill Gates has made roughly $1 million per hour over the length of his career. Most people would be happy to make that amount in a decade. No moral or judgment here, just an astonishing number to think about.

5 thoughts on “Bill Gates”

  1. As of 2011 he’s given about 30 billion to charity, which is about half his income.

    30 billion / 33 years = $0.9 billion/year / 2000 = $450k / hour

    So another interesting number to think about, he’s been donating roughly $450,000 an hour for 33 years.

  2. I was thinking about this just the other day. If you’re one of Bill Gates’s assistants and you accidentally screw up and waste an hour of his time, you probably just killed a bunch of kids in Africa. People like that probably lead super efficient lives where they never spend any time on something mundane, like waiting for a garage door to open.

  3. You are funny!

    You never ever make $1 million/hour just by yourself. You need a lot of people to do it for you. So you do not need to worry about wasting Bills precious time, since he made his money by wasting other peoples time, and this were much more hours than his life took until today. Or in other words: he will also earn $1 million per hour when you are wasting his time, since by far the most of the work is done by others.

    This is not a moral judgment. But I think, when not trying to be moral we should not fall into transfigure the facts. Our society is based on inequality and this is just one of the results. That is also the reason, why Bill Gates does not fit as an example for all others since we cannot all be rich. This is practically impossible and has little to do with skills or talents, though skills and talents might help to become that rich ;-)

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