Happy 2nd Birthday Sidekiq!

Let’s review some numbers, from the 1st birthday:

  • 2144 stars
  • 662 closed issues
  • 266 forks
  • 228 closed pull requests
  • 44 versions released
  • 25 Sidekiq Pro customers

Now, on the 2nd birthday:

  • 1,192,259 downloads (wow, huge uptake!)
  • 3535 stars
  • 1420 closed issues
  • 563 forks
  • 380 closed pull requests
  • 74 versions released
  • Over 200 Sidekiq Pro customers

At this point I believe I’ve achieved my goals: build the best background job framework, bar none. With Sidekiq I try to have it all: good performance, easy setup, deep integration with an application framework like Rails and a rich set of functionality. I hope you think I was successful in my efforts.

As always, thank you to my users and keep ‘kiqing!

One thought on “Happy 2nd Birthday Sidekiq!”

  1. You’ve done a kick ass job. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to hangout at RubyConf in Denver last year.

    Keep up the excellent work Mike!


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