Getting Started with Faktory


When I unveiled my new background job system Faktory three weeks ago, I didn’t have an easy path for people to install and try Faktory themselves. Now there is; let’s get it running!



If you are running macOS, it’s installable with Homebrew:

> brew tap contribsys/faktory
> brew install faktory
...two minutes pass...
> faktory

Now open your browser to http://localhost:7420


If you have Docker, it’s easy to pull an image:

docker pull contribsys/faktory:latest

The command to run it is rather involved, see the description.


Faktory is only one half of the puzzle, now you need to install a worker package which can execute jobs that are pushed to Faktory. I launched Faktory with Ruby and Go worker packages, now there are a half dozen libraries for other languages:

Check out those projects and their README for more info on how to get started with them.


If you want to use Faktory with Ruby jobs, I’ve written up a Getting Started guide which shows you the few steps necessary to get jobs running with faktory_worker_ruby.

Getting Started with Faktory and Ruby


The response to Faktory from other open source developers has been tremendous. Lots of pull requests and issues reported, much discussion in the issues and chatroom and lots of work still to be done. Special thanks to andrewstucki, cdrx, jonhoo, jweslley, and all the people who’ve built their own worker packages.


Let us know if you have any problems – pop into the Faktory chatroom and say hi or open a new issue.