RubyConf 2007 – Day Three


Ugh, partied very hardy last night. Today is not good. Congrats, Ted. ;-)

I’m quite impressed with the Ruby community – most everyone is modest and fun to hang around with. We’re off to the Solr talk now.

Apologies to Damon, how could I forget Laurent’s amazing OSX talk? Apple has really done a standup job on Leopard. From a broken install in Tiger to a very well integrated install in Leopard, it’s clear that Apple is in for the long haul wrt Ruby. It should be noted that Apple has done the same for Python so they aren’t necessarily picking one particular scripting language to support.

He demoed some impressive capabilities: real-time 3D rendering using a bridge to the QuartzComposer APIs, speech synthesis, drag-n-drop Ruby programming using Xcode, “injecting” Ruby into a running process and controlling the windows. Really, really impressive stuff.

90% of the laptops were MacBooks. I’m sure the other 10% were corporate machines. As if it wasn’t apparently already, Apple is smart in playing nice with the Ruby community.

Well, we’re all done. (Hopefully) see you next year!