Creating a private, commercial Docker registry
Faktory Enterprise
Workload Isolation with Queue Sharding
Welcome to Sidekiq 6.0
Something For Nothing
Proxying Golang Web Applications
Leaving Twitter
Using Faktory with JavaScript
Using Faktory with Python
Introducing Faktory Pro
Faktory 0.9.0 - Hello, Redis!
Testing Ruby's CGI
Building Linux Packages and using Github Releases
Moving to Mastodon
Parallelize your work with Sidekiq Pro
Taming Rails memory bloat
Ruby Optimization with One Magic Comment
Happy 6th Birthday, Sidekiq
Faktory 0.7.0 Released
Sidekiq Pro Statsd support -- new and improved!
Getting Started with Faktory
Introducing Faktory
The Future of Background Jobs
Retries and Exceptions
Helping Others
Tracking down performance bugs in Sidekiq jobs
Hello Sidekiq 5.0
Sidekiq at Railsconf 2017
Monitoring Redis
Migrating from redis-namespace
RTL scripts and BiDi webapps
Welcome, Hugo
Five Years
What can I do?
Public Relations Blast
Debugging stuck Ruby processes
Profiling Crystal on OSX
Test Driving Sidekiq and Crystal
Sidekiq for Crystal
Serving your own Commercial Rubygems
Distributed Locking with Redis and Ruby
Kill Your Dependencies
Happy 4th Birthday, Sidekiq
Contributed Systems: the 2015 wrapup
How to Test Multithreaded Code
How to Charge for your Open Source
Sidekiq 4.0!
Advanced Data Structures in Ruby
Optimizing Sidekiq
Should you use Celluloid?
Storing Data with Redis
Sidekiq Enterprise
Sidekiq and Upstart
Inspeqtor Pro now Open Source
Sidekiq Pro Gem Server Outage
Timeout: Ruby's Most Dangerous API
Sidekiq Pro 2.0!
Indie Developers in Ruby, 2015 Ed.
Inspeqtor 0.8.0 released
CGI: Ruby's Bare Metal
The expvar package - Metrics for Go
Go 1.4 runtime visualized
Building a Binary Tree with Enumerable
Inspeqtor 0.7.0 -- total_rss and Postgresql
Inspeqtor 0.6.0 -- init.d, cron and statsd!
Stupid Go tricks in Janus
Why Go?
Introducing Inspeqtor
The Path to Full-time Open Source
Don't Daemonize your Daemons!
Library Versioning
Building Systems and The Cloud
Use runit!
My Next Chapter
What's new in Sidekiq Pro
The Reconciliation Step
Bounded Libraries
Setting MySQL DATETIME column defaults in Rails
Ruby Performance 2014
Sidekiq 3.0!
Dipping a Toe into Open Source
Happy 2nd Birthday Sidekiq!
Don't Forget What's Important
The Clymb 2013
Ruby's GIL and transactional memory
Advanced Sidekiq: Host-specific Queues
The Emperor has no Clothes
How to make $100k in OSS by working hard
The Three Best Debugging Tools
Please Use an Error Service!
Lua and Sidekiq Pro
Background Job Processing Overhead
Sustainable OSS Meeting Notes
Sustainable Open Source
Celluloid and Sidekiq hackfest in Portland
Blogging and the Paralysis of Choice
The Sidekiq Pro Giveaway Winner!
Sidekiq Pro reaches 1.0!
Dealing with Stuck Workers
Board Games and Beverages at Railsconf 2013
Railsconf 2013 events
Signal Handling with Ruby 2.0
Bill Gates
Happy Birthday Sidekiq!
One Great Year at The Clymb
2012 OSS Rookie Project of the Year!
12 Gems of Christmas #1 -- puma
12 Gems of Christmas #2 -- bullet
12 Gems of Christmas #3 -- thor
12 Gems of Christmas #4 -- mailcatcher and mail_view
12 Gems of Christmas #5 -- lograge
12 Gems of Christmas #6 -- childprocess
12 Gems of Christmas #7 -- lunchy
12 Gems of Christmas #8 -- wicked_pdf
12 Gems of Christmas #9 -- pundit
12 Gems of Christmas #10 -- konacha
12 Gems of Christmas #11 -- statsd-ruby
12 Gems of Christmas #12 -- awesome_nested_set
The 12 Gems of Christmas
Current Thoughts on MRI Performance
One Happy User
Sexism and Programming
Say Hello to Sidekiq Pro
MiniTest -- Ruby 1.9's test framework
The Sidekiq Experiment, Part I
Using Statsd with Rails
Debugging with Thread Dumps
Five Common Rails Mistakes
One Quarter of Sidekiq
Don't Mistake Meetings for Process
Converting a MySQL database from Latin1 to UTF8
The Perils of "rescue Exception"
Deleting Duplicate Rows in MySQL
The State of Sidekiq -- One Month Later
Sidekiq -- simple, efficient messaging for Rails
I'm back!
Getting iChat to automatically reconnect
Optimizing Heroku
Threads Fibers Events and Actors
Background Processing vs Message Queueing
Actors and Ruby
Node.js Roundup
The Dangers of Shortcuts
Filling out PDF forms with JRuby
Moving On
Using RDoc
Contributing to Ruby
Ruby Stdlib is a Ghetto, Pt. 2
Apache Tuning
The Ruby Stdlib is a Ghetto
Always Be Closing
Dalli Performance and Garbage Collection
Dalli -- memcached for Ruby
Securing Network Services
Developing Rubygems with RVM and Bundler
Detecting Duplicate Images with Phashion
Stream Processing and Trending Data
bayes_motel -- Bayesian classification for Ruby
Risk and Startups
Phat News
Introducing Phat, an Asynchronous Rails app
Using ActiveRecord with EventMachine
Cassandra Internals -- Tricks!
Ruby Open Files
Cassandra Internals -- Reading
Cassandra Internals -- Writing
Touch a File
The Trouble with Ruby Finalizers
Changelog vs Commitlog
Asynchronous DNS Resolution
Cassandra and EventMachine
Scalable Ruby Processing with EventMachine
Varnish on 32-bit systems
Speaking on January 26th
Event-Driven Applications
EventMachine Examples
Document-oriented Database Shootout Part 2: Performance
Looking for Machine Learning Specialist
DataFabric -- database sharding for Rails
Heading to RubyConf 2009
Comparing Document-oriented Databases
Rails Engines at LSRC
Old versus New
Slabs, Pages, Chunks and Memcached
memcached vs memcache-client Performance
Adding multi-get support to Rails
Scraping with Typhoeus and Nokogiri
Memory-hungry Ruby daemons
A Guide to Varnish VCL
Engines in Rails 2.3
memcache-client rdoc
Caching and Rails
Socket Timeouts in Ruby
Using the Tokyo Tyrant native bindings
SystemTimer 1.1 crash
Tokyo Cabinet vs Memcached
memcache-client 1.7.0 -- the End of the Line
Using memcache-client 1.6.x in Rails < 2.3
FiveRuns Dash, now with 100% more rimshot!
Memcache-client Performance
Improved Deadlock Retry
memcache-client 1.6.2 released
Testing Multipart Upload with Sinatra
How I Achieved my Dream with the iPhone
Consistent Hashing in memcache-client
The Future of memcache-client
Clojure vs Ruby, Part I
Ruby.rewrite Ruby
DataFabric 1.2 released
Consensus Protocols: Two-Phase Commit
Video: Distributed Computing
fiveruns-memcache-client released
Caption Contest
New Look
data_fabric 1.1.0 released
Rails Plugins with Multi-Threading
RubyConf 2008: The Aftermath
Introducing Politics
EnvyCasts' new Rails 2.2 screencast review
Laziness Can Hurt
Fall Speaking Schedule
MySQL Optimization
Bulk Import
One Year of Ruby
How NOT to Build a Service
Google Reader problem -- Solved!
Google Reader ignores language settings?
MySQL InnoDB Clustered Indexes and Rails
Explaining REST to Damien Katz
Tough Lessons in Software
Google Analytics
Web 2.0 and Databases
Introducing DataFabric
Rails Bootup
Using third-party services
Finally! A Modern Development Tool
Ich bin ein Berliner
Lesson of the Day: Question Everything
Speaking at Lone Star Ruby Conf 2008
Screencasts and Firefox 3
The MVC Song
Starling and a reliable Memcached client
MySQL lock debugging
Ruby Scoping Oddity
FiveRuns Public Beta
DataMapper projects
Ruby, Threads and Exit Codes
Microsoft and America
ActiveRecord 2.1 Performance (Part 1)
Changing with the Times
Syntactic Sugar
VMWare question
Introspecting RESTful APIs
Expression Rescue is Evil
Speaking at OSCON 2008
FiveRuns is Moving!
Detecting Event Storms
Monitoring with Monit
Ruby, Rails and XFDL
Death, Doom and Daemons!
Blogging @ FiveRuns
Design and Tufte
Java Developers moving to Ruby and Rails
Assert { 2.0 }
acts_as_conference Finale
DSLs and XML
acts_as_conference Day 1
Blog Customization is Scary
Tuning ActiveRecord
Austin jumping on Rails
ActiveSupport Dependency arcanery
Conversion to Array 2.4 for OSX
Performance and ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection
Java is becoming the new Cobol
Media Encoders Considered Evil
BDB: The Conclusion
Creating a counter_cache column
Great Moments in Ruby History?
Using Berkeley DB with Ruby
Berkeley DB and Ruby
Leopard Compilation Problems
Amazon's Kindle
Mirror, mirror
2D Dock in Leopard
RubyConf pictures
How to know if your airport is cool?
RubyConf 2007 -- Day Three
RubyConf 2007 -- Day Two
RubyConf 2007 -- Day One
Debugging Ruby with Netbeans Beta 2
Using Fixtures without Rails
Netbeans 6.0
Using the RRDTool Ruby bindings with OSX
Using svn:externals
Glassfish versus Mongrel
Glassfish and JRuby
Amazon's Dynamo
File Uploads in Merb versus Rails
North Carolina in November
Accessing LDAP from Ruby
Using Apache DS with Mac OSX and Ruby
Using Apache DS, Part 1
Using Apache DS, Part 2
Performance versus Scalability
Slashdot -- Thinking about Rails? Think Again
Fun with Acronyms
Welcome, Sun!
Ruby/Rails IDE
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