Inspeqtor Pro now Open Source


Last year I created Inspeqtor as a fresh take on process monitoring, to improve upon monit and similar tools. Part of that process was creating a commercial version, Inspeqtor Pro, to provide long-term viability for the project. I have little desire to debate why but Inspeqtor Pro has not sold well enough to continue as is; something has to change.


Today I’m open sourcing Inspeqtor Pro. It is still not free software, you must purchase a license to use it in production, but being open source means it will be easier and cheaper for me to support via issues and pull requests. I hope today’s leading companies and developers want their infrastructure open source, this covers both bases: the source is available to inspect plus licensing and long-term support are easy to purchase.

Installing Inspeqtor Pro on your Linux server is now dead simple. Try it out - I hope you like it!