Sidekiq at Railsconf 2017


Every year I attend Rubyconf and Railsconf and this year is no different. I launched Sidekiq 4.0 at Rubyconf 2015 and now I’m excited to get down to Phoenix and launch Sidekiq 5.0! I want to meet any Rubyists, new or old, who want to chat.


A Personal Note

I attended my first conference in 2007, Rubyconf, in Charlotte NC. I still remember my mental state: awkwardness, isolation and loneliness because I knew about two people there. By nature I’m an introvert and not really good at mingling in crowds (one reason booze is so popular at conferences: it can decrease your inhibitions and make you more chatty). As my reputation increased in the community, going to conferences became easier because people knew me but here’s my dirty secret: I’m still awkward and not great at socializing with new people.

So I have a guarantee: if you don’t know anyone at Railsconf or just need someone to talk to, find me and say hello. The first day I always wear a Sidekiq t-shirt. You know my blog and here’s some topics I will talk endlessly about:

It’s also quite likely that you know my name but I don’t know yours and I’m terrible with names/faces so please introduce yourself.

PS And of course, I’m giving away Sidekiq stickers to anyone who asks.