Public Relations Blast


Apologies, dear reader, it’s been a while since I blogged; I’ve been busy with many things for the last few months:

  1. We bought a house and moved, kid started kindergarten.
  2. I rewrote Sidekiq Pro’s reliable_fetch into super_fetch, feedback has been quite good with no bugs reported and nice performance improvements noted by the Baremetrics team. metrics
  3. I’ve pushed out 8 patch releases, trying to stabilize Sidekiq 4.2’s new Rails 5 support. Not my finest hour, but on the positive side I wrote an integration test suite to verify Sidekiq’s job execution functionality with Rails 4/5 dev/prod.
  4. I attended Rubyconf 2016 in Cincinnati, it was a high-quality conference as usual from the Ruby Cental folks.
  5. I’ve done 4-5 different interviews on my business and how it’s grown over the last few years.


The last point wasn’t really planned but snowballed. I decided to interview with IndieHackers on a lark and it turns out that several others wanted to interview me based on my success so far.

The net takeaway is that Sidekiq sales are going very well, revenue grew about +75% in 2016, and Sidekiq is now the dominant background solution for Ruby, according to Infinum’s Rubygems analysis. numbers

What’s Next?

Sidekiq 5.0!