Say Hello to Sidekiq Pro


It’s been 8 months since the initial release and by now I hope everyone agrees that Sidekiq has dramatically improved the state of the art in asynchronous processing for Ruby. The Clymb has been using it in production for 6 months now and it’s been far faster and more stable than our old Delayed::Job setup.

But Sidekiq just has feature parity with the best of the competition right now. It’s time to build some next generation functionality on top of that foundation – Sidekiq Pro is a new commercial add-on for Sidekiq which adds some great new features that I hope people will find useful and worth paying for.


There are three big new features in Sidekiq Pro:

The Sidekiq wiki will be updated to document these Pro features over the next few days. I reserve the right to add even more awesome features in the future.


The existing commercial license option for Sidekiq is no longer available, Sidekiq by itself is LGPLv3 only now. If you had paid for a license (thank you!), your license is still perfectly valid. From this point forward if you want a commercial license for Sidekiq, you must purchase Sidekiq Pro.

As my way of saying thanks, 100% of the first unit sold will go to Tony Arcieri for his great Celluloid gem. Celluloid is a big part of Sidekiq’s success and I think he deserves a few nights of karaoke on me in return.