Sidekiq 7.0 Beta now Available


Yesterday I released the first public beta of Sidekiq 7.0. This is a major new release with several huge new features, several features removed, APIs refactored and updated requirements.

But with all these awesome new features, we refactored a LOT of internal APIs and likely broke a bunch of things. In other words, we really need people to test it and open issues in order to get a smooth 7.0 rollout.


How to Get the Beta

Bundler makes you ask for the exact version:

gem "sidekiq", "7.0.0.beta1"

and then run:


Commercial Considerations

Sidekiq Pro 6.0.0.beta1 and Sidekiq Enterprise 3.0.0.beta1 are now available also. Update your Gemfile:

gem "sidekiq", "7.0.0.beta1"
source ... do
  gem "sidekiq-pro", "6.0.0.beta1"
  gem "sidekiq-ent", "3.0.0.beta1"

and then run:


How Not to Get the Beta

If you do not want to risk breaking things, please make sure your Sidekiq version is locked to a major version. Here’s how to lock to 6.x versions:

gem "sidekiq", "<7"

How You Can Help

I need feedback. Try running your app with Sidekiq 7.0b1 and open an issue with any problems you encounter. I would be happy to help you and adjust Sidekiq to lessen the impact of these breakages. Your feedback will help me help others with the same issue.