DataFabric 1.2 released


DataFabric 1.2 supports ActiveRecord 2.2 and its overhauled connection handling. Believe me, this is a good thing. The old connection handling code was awful; the new code is much nicer.

How It Works

data_fabric 1.0 supported dynamic connections by proxying the connection stored in the global static connection hash. This is thread-unsafe and therefore didn’t support ActiveRecord’s multithreaded mode (allow_concurrency = true).

data_fabric 1.2 supports ActiveRecord 2.0 and 2.1 through the exact same code as data_fabric 1.1 except refactored to load only when those two versions are detected. If ActiveRecord 2.2 or greater is detected, the new proxy code is used. The new proxy works on a per-class basis and overrides the four class methods which make up the public connection API on ActiveRecord::Base:

def data_fabric(options)
        DataFabric.log { "Creating data_fabric proxy for class #{name}" }
        @proxy =, options)

        class << self
          def connection

          def connected?

          def remove_connection(klass)
            DataFabric.log(Logger::ERROR) { "remove_connection not implemented by data_fabric" }

          def connection_pool
            raise "dynamic connection switching means you cannot get direct access to a pool"

This proxy is thread-safe in that its mutable state is stored in thread-local variables. Note the latter two methods aren’t implemented, for reasons you can see. remove_connection would be nice to implement but since we don’t use it at FiveRuns, I didn’t see any immediate need for it. I would happily accept patches for it.