Inspeqtor 0.8.0 released


Inspeqtor 0.8.0 is now available for your monitoring needs. If you are using Monit, bluepill, god, eye or any other process monitoring system, I hope you’ll check out Inspeqtor. It’s different because it’s simple and opinionated.

What’s New in Inspeqtor?

Plain old Inspeqtor sees a dozen bugfixes for 0.8.0 with no new notable features. I’m pretty happy with the feature set as it stands today. Consider this a pre-1.0 release.

What’s New in Inspeqtor Pro?

I’ve spent a good amount of the last month working on a really cool new feature for Inspeqtor Pro: real-time memory monitoring and visualization for Go applications. The new feature is covered in depth in this new wiki page but who can resist a little eye candy?

memory monitoring

The Web UI is a combination of Bootstrap and Mozilla’s new MetricsGraphics.js library. It’s easy to use and recommended if you need some metrics visualization in JS.

Of course you can use this feature to pipe memory data from your daemon into statsd and view it within your existing metrics visualization system and not use the Web UI at all.

Ready to try it? Go here to download and install Inspeqtor.