Sidekiq 4.0!


I’m happy to announce that Sidekiq 4.0 is now available!

I’m happy to announce that Sidekiq Pro 3.0 is now available!!

I’m happy to announce that Sidekiq Enterprise 1.0 is now available!!!


Sidekiq 4.0 is a major optimization release. Sidekiq’s core has been redesigned to remove dependencies and now goes down to the bear metal. Benchmarks show job overhead is reduced six times, garbage creation reduced by eight times and job latency cut in half.

Redis 2.8 or greater is now required.

There are no public Sidekiq API changes so this version upgrade should be very easy.

Please read the Sidekiq 4.0 release notes for all the detail.

VersionLatencyGarbage created when
processing 10,000 jobs
Time to process
100,000 jobs
Sidekiq 4.0.010ms151 MB22 sec4500 jobs/sec
Sidekiq 3.5.122ms1257 MB125 sec800 job/sec
Resque 1.25.2--420 sec240 jobs/sec
DelayedJob 4.1.1--465 sec215 jobs/sec
Data collected with MRI 2.2.3 running on my MBP 13-inch w/ 2.8Ghz i7. Resque started via COUNT=25 QUEUE=default rake resque:workers

Sidekiq Pro

Sidekiq Pro 3.0 is designed to work with Sidekiq 4.0’s new core design. Reliable fetch has been reimplemented but the semantics should remain identical. Pausing and unpausing queues now takes effect in real-time due to the redesign, no more polling or 10 second delay.

Platforms without persistent hostnames, notably Heroku and Docker, get official support for reliable fetch through the new ephemeral_hostname option.

Read the Sidekiq Pro 3.0 release notes.

Sidekiq Enterprise

The newest member of the Sidekiq family, Sidekiq Enterprise, has solidified over the last three months with a handful of bugs fixed and almost one hundred customers running it in production. At this point I think it’s stable enough to call 1.0. As with Sidekiq Pro, some features have been re-implemented to work with the new Sidekiq 4.0 core.

There are no release notes because there’s nothing to note: no new features and the semantics are identical to 0.x.


Sidekiq 3.x and Sidekiq Pro 2.x are stable and now in maintenance mode; they will get critical bug fixes through 2016.


The demand for both Sidekiq and its commercial siblings continues to amaze me since I released Sidekiq Pro three years ago. Today Sidekiq has passed 5 million downloads on Rubygems, Sidekiq Pro has many hundreds of customers and Sidekiq Enterprise approaches its first hundred. Thank you to my customers; you make it possible for me to support and work full-time on Sidekiq.

You can buy Sidekiq Pro or Sidekiq Enterprise here and be up and running in minutes.